Become a Shining System

I would like to introduce you to a personal or corporate standards paradigm known as Shining Systems. What/Who is a Shining System? Read on to learn more about the Shining Systems Standards and how it can help you and your business to grow by leaps and bounds.

Who/What is a Shining System?

A Shining System is any system that meets the core criteria of Shining Systems as defined by SSC Standards.

The following are the key features of a Shining System.

  • Must have a defined mission or objective
  • The system must have all the core capacities for achieving the stated mission
  • Commitment – Must commit time and resources towards achieving the mission
  • Measurement – Must have indices by which to measure progress
  • Continuous System maintenance and Improvement

Understandably, not all systems are likely to have all the above requirements in place. That is why Systems Auditing services offered by Shining Systems is crucial in knowing where you stand. Once established, you can then commence the process of setting everything in place.

There are a number of stages to setting up a Shining System.

  • Knowing – First you have to know your status and the necessary steps to undertake
  • Implementation – Once you know what needs to be done, you should begin putting in place the requisite resources and system elements to realize your new goals.
  • Measurement and continuous improvement – You will then need a structured effort to continuously review your goals and the state of your systems

System Improvement Activities

Some of the key systems improvement activities will require one or more of the following moves.

  • Removal/Elimination
  • Reduction
  • Addition
  • Blending/separation
  • Multipliers

Characteristics of Shining Systems

  • No wastage of time and resources
  • Sustained Constructive use of resources
  • Continuously learning and adapting
  • Continuous strengthening of intra system communication
  • Continuous improvement of critical system capacities
  • Aligned soft and hard resources to overall mission
  • Continuous removal of system performance hindrances

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